We manufacture exclusive premium glass for your exclusive products

We produce bespoken glass packaging perfectly tailored to your needs for liqueurs, spirits, wine, cosmetics and food. Different sizes, shapes and hard-to-find colours. Even in very limited series.

Spirit bottles

Your liqueurs and spirits deserve the very best attire, one that fits them perfectly. We offer bottles in various sizes and in unique shapes, precisely according to your wishes. Flint, extra flint and black coloured bottles for premium products. Small batch production from 10,000 bottles.

Wine bottles

Prestigious wines deserve their own special bottle, shape or the winemakers' emboss. There is no shape or size we can not make. We manufacture small series for small wineries or limited editions.

Beer and soft drinks

We cast traditional amber glass for beer bottles as well as flint for soft drinks. Luxury black colour will underline your exclusive products. Feel free to come with un-orthodox design.

Glass containers for food

There is great truth in the saying “we eat with our eyes”. Your delicacies also deserve premium packaging. Jars, bottles and containers for food. Packaging of all shapes and sizes. For dry, solid and liquid foods. Heat resistant.

Glass containers for cosmetics

Highlight your cosmetic products with exclusive tailor-made packaging. We offer round, oval,square and other unique packaging. The flint colour underlines the product's own colour. Black and violet glass provides expensive look and furthermore preserves the product’s properties and improves its lifespan.

Apothecary jars

Apothecary jars don’t have to be simply practical; they can also look nice. Standard sizes and production upon request. Flasks, reagent bottles, dropper bottles and burette bottles.

Don’t need tailor-made bottles?

Take a look at our catalogue of on-stock moulds. These bottles are available right away without necessity of mould investment. They can also me customized with embossed markings at a fraction of the cost.

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