Wine bottles

Prestigious wines deserve their own special bottle, shape or the winemakers' emboss. There is no shape or size we can notmake.  Small series production is no problem.

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We have taken traditional wine bottles to a higher level. Prestigious wines deserve something special. We make small series, so we are able to supply smaller winemakers or offer prestigious bottles for limited editions.

Size doesn’t matter

Apart from standard sizes, we also offer split, half or magnum bottles. We can manufacture slender tall beauties (up to a height of 375 mm) and small, rounded bottles (up to a width of 160 mm). A magnum-sized bottles or atypically large (up to 2,500 ml) or very small bottles for HORECA, airplanes and other special purposes (down to 40 ml). We are able to produce bottles with an inclined neck, with a handle, side dimples and high punts. But we have nothing against other variations. Straw and ice wine look best in slim 200 ml glass bottles in black colour.

Down to the last detail

Our unique technologies make it possible to manufacture highly complicated shapes that cannot be found in more common - mass production. The same moulds can be used to make bottles in different colours. We can also make extremely complex and detailed surfaces. In addition, we also work with decorators and glass cutters who can provide the final touch to create perfect bottles from Czech glass

Unique moments demand a unique design.

Drinking wine is not just about the taste, it’s also about the overall atmosphere. Give your finest drinks wonderful glass packaging that will perfectly underline your wine’s story.

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Don’t need tailor-made bottles?

Take a look at our catalogue of on-stock moulds. These bottles are available right away without necessity of mould investment. They can also me customized with embossed markings at a fraction of the cost.

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