Spirit bottles

Your liqueurs and spirits deserve the very best attire, one that fits them perfectly. We offer bottles in various sizes and in unique shapes. Small batch production from 10,000 bottles.

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Size does not matter

Apart from standard dimensions, we can also produce slim, tall beauties (up to 375 mm high) as well as small, wide flasks (up to 160 mm wide), unusually large bottles (up to 2,500 ml) or even very small vials and flacons (20 ml). A wide range of mouth finish  like cork, t-cork, mca, guala, gpi, Vinolok and many more are available.

Choose the right design

We produce bottles from flint or extra flint glass for premium spirits and liqueurs, so that the spark of the clear spirit or colour of the drinks stands out. Black glass highlights the exclusivity of products such as premium gin, Irish cream or herbal liqueurs . We can manufacture limited editions from 10,000 bottles or product lines - different sized bottles with the same design.

Bottles do not have to be round

Our unique technologies make it possible to manufacture highly complicated shapes that cannot be found in more common mass production. The same moulds can be used to make bottles in different colours. Bottles with embosses or debosses come as standard. We can also make extremely complex and detailed surfaces. In addition, we also work with decorators and glass cutters who can provide the final touch to create perfect bottles from Czech glass.

Premium drinks deserve a premium design

Have you not yet found the perfect glass cover that will underline the soul of your brand? We will be happy to make it for you!

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Don’t need tailor-made bottles?

Take a look at our catalogue of on-stock moulds. These bottles are available right away without necessity of mould investment. They can also me customized with embossed markings at a fraction of the cost.

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